Zebra and Warthog

Occasionally I experience those “once in a lifetime” wildlife momements that I simply could not script. On many occasions i have seen territorial males from different species interrupt serious succession fights by males of their specie. When two Impala rams that are muture enough fight, a territorial Impala ram will break up the fight.  He realises that when a definite winner is crowned he might be the one that is challenged next.
sized_Etosha 21-27 June _2013_01258 I have seen the same behavior from Gemsbuck andsized_Etosha 22-29 July_2013_00421
Burcell Zebra.
The amazing thing about Burcell Zebra Stallion fight is that they can last a very long time and on many accasions they will drag members of the micro herd with them.
So, as they run at pace accross the Andoni Flats in Etosha mares and fouls will run with the fighting stallions as if they want to make sure they are witnessing the whole fighting process and make sure that they know for sure the outcome!
sized_Etosha 21-27 June _2013_01277The Stallions then break off to have violent skirmishes where they will kick and bite each other. The moment they start running again the the rest of the micro herd of spectators will join in again to follow the action.
sized_Etosha 21-27 June _2013_01527 sized_Etosha 22-29 July_2013_00392
sized_Etosha 6-11 June _2013_00726I never had the opportunity to experience the same behavior when two warthog boars fought. But in an unimaginable moment the intervening party represented another specie with a twist in the tail! At the Andoni flats waterhole two warthog boars, after intitial sparring,
went into overdrive. A Burcell Zebra stallion immediately intervened to break up the fight. The two warthogs did not enjoy the fact that their party was broken up and both turned onto the Zebra stallion. If the sole purpose of the zebra’s intervention was to break up the warthog fight it surely succeeded because after dealing with the stallion the warthogs lost total interest in continuing their fight.
sized_Etosha 6-11 June _2013_00727sized_Etosha 6-11 June _2013_00730

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