An Intimate African Journey


A sports photographer by training and a portrait photographer by trade, Lou Coetzer believes that both disciplines have given him the perfect understanding of action and light to show wildlife to its best advantage.  “This book”, says Coetzer of An Intimate African Journey, “is an invitation to re-consider the “Big Five” fixation.  Come and sit with me.  Take your time.  Wait patiently for Africa to reveal its endless and intimate tapestry of life in the wild.  You will be richly rewarded.”

400 Page Hardcover Book
Published November 2013
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The result delivers exceptional photographs of well-known subjects as well as several jaw-dropping, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moments.

An Intimate African Journey does exactly what it says on the tin – and then some.”

– Sarah Borchert, Editor : Africa Geographic

“Lou’s work captures many unique moments of animal behaviour and renders them with unsurpassed brilliance of photographic skill.

One of the privileges of my association with a premium brand like Nikon has been my contact with some of the world’s most celebrated photographers. In my opinion, Lou Coetzer ranks with them. In the genres of wildlife and animal behaviour, he stands out among the best. Lou seeks to combine art with technical perfection and in this one collection of images he has unquestionably achieved that goal. He has spent a lifetime observing the fauna and flora of our planet and through his dedication has learnt to anticipate behavioural patterns in the wild. 

– Stefan van der Walt, Nikon South Africa

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