Lion Series 1: A Super Mom – Grumeti 30 Sept to 4 Oct 2017

What originally started as “A Photographer’s Hunch” in 2015 has now grown into a dedicated wildlife safari travel product run by CNP Safaris and our East African partners &Beyond. After spending months on back-to-back safaris photographing high season migration crossings, whilst based at Kichwa Tembo in the Mara Triangle, a nagging idea got hold of […]

Pin-tailed Whydah and a 400mm F2.8 VR

Image 1 – Nikon D800/ 400mm 2.8 + 2.0 x Converter/ ISO 400/ISO 400/F5.6 @ 1/2500sec/EV -1.0   On the CNP Safaris blog ( I gave you some information on the Pin-tailed Whydah as a species. Here I want to talk a bit more about the photography of these magnificent birds. Suffice to say […]

The Marsh Pride – A Killing Machine!

On my CNP Safaris ( blog entry on our recce trip to Masai Mara in January 2015 I shared my initial concern for the well being of the Mara pride members in the the Kichwa concession area. On our first encounters the pride looked depressed with some of them seriously underfed or ill. What worried […]

Leopard and Lion stand off in the Mara

There will not be a lot of wildlife photographers arguing that a good opportunity to photograph Africa’s two largest apex predators must rate very high on their all time wish list. Over the years I made a conscious decision not to go out of my way to look for lion and leopard but to linger […]