Lou Coetzer talks at the Birmingham Photography Show

  Come and see Lou Coetzer do a talk on Africa’s Best Photographic Safaris at the Birmingham Photography Show Date: Saturday 21 March 2015 Time: 15:00 to 15:40 Venue: Hall 5, Behind the Lens Theatre, The NEC, Birmingham UK  

Serengeti 6-17 March_2015_02743-2

The Mating Game

So what do you get photographically when you have arguably the largest lion pride in the world – I counted 49 individual members – some large open areas with grass heights ranging from very tall to residential lawn height, thousand of resident Burchell Zebras, thousands of Topis and vast numbers of White-bearded Wildebeest that just […]

Masai Mara 3-13 Jan_2015_00750-2

Pin-tailed Whydah and a 400mm F2.8 VR

Image 1 – Nikon D800/ 400mm 2.8 + 2.0 x Converter/ ISO 400/ISO 400/F5.6 @ 1/2500sec/EV -1.0   On the CNP Safaris blog ( www.cnpsafaris.com) I gave you some information on the Pin-tailed Whydah as a species. Here I want to talk a bit more about the photography of these magnificent birds. Suffice to say […]

Masai Mara 3-13 Jan_2015_02558-2

The Marsh Pride – A Killing Machine!

On my CNP Safaris (www.cnpsafaris.com) blog entry on our recce trip to Masai Mara in January 2015 I shared my initial concern for the well being of the Mara pride members in the the Kichwa concession area. On our first encounters the pride looked depressed with some of them seriously underfed or ill. What worried […]

Masai Mara 3-13 Jan_2015_01746-2

Leopard and Lion stand off in the Mara

There will not be a lot of wildlife photographers arguing that a good opportunity to photograph Africa’s two largest apex predators must rate very high on their all time wish list. Over the years I made a conscious decision not to go out of my way to look for lion and leopard but to linger […]

Chobe 12-20 June _2013_01900


NHM EVENT On the 28th of November I am part of a three person panel discussion on modern day trends in wildlife photography with specific referance to trip and remote control photography. The event is hosted by the National History Museum London and led by Matt Swainey of the BBC Wildlife Magazine. Partaking in the […]

sized_MaaraMasai 2-26 Sept_2013_13540

Masai Mara Stampede

White-bearded wildebeest decided en masse to make a u-turn while migrating to the Serengeti. It was some sudden bursts of rain in the Mara main that had made them decide to cross back over the Mara river in an easterly direction from the Mara Triangle.   These large herds of migrating wildebeest have a chaotic […]

sized_Etosha 3-10 Jul _2013_02914

Kudu and Hyena Stand-off

 In a demonstration of total self-control and calm while experiencing life-threatening pressure, an adult Kudu bull walked away with both his pride and life unscathed after surviving an attack by as many as 20 Spotted Hyenas. 07h14:00 : The kudu bull stands motionless in very cold winter water surrounded by a pack of hyenas. 08h03:56 […]

sized_Chobe 7-16 Aug_2013_05609

Waterbuck Crossing

. To avoid constant harassment from lions, a herd of Waterbuck crossed a channel in the Chobe river.  Their route took them from the mainland to small island where there was enough juicy grass to feed the entire herd for months. In the process they ran the gauntlet of swimming through crocodile infested waters. The […]

Etosha 6-11 June _2013_00726

Zebra and Warthog

Occasionally I experience those “once in a lifetime” wildlife momements that I simply could not script. On many occasions i have seen territorial males from different species interrupt serious succession fights by males of their specie. When two Impala rams that are muture enough fight, a territorial Impala ram will break up the fight.  He […]